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Amanda Bertoncini, President of The Drink Hanky, has always been ahead of her time in the world of fashion, and has never conformed to the norm. With years of experience, both self taught and learned, she has always taken ​style to the next level. Her next mission is in the world of beverage couture. 

In designing The Drink Hanky, the concept was based around creating a fashion statement for your beverage. The purpose is to have fun on the run and find your inner gratification!

The Drink Hanky protects against condensation that is inevitable when holding a cold drink. It also prevents your hands from becoming too cold for comfort.   

Last, but certainly not least, we are protecting the 
environment and going green. Each person on average 
takes 5 napkins per drink. (Yes, it's been surveyed). Let's 
not fail to mention that The Drink Hanky is more stylish 
than a bunch of torn napkins wrapped around your 
favorite beverage.


Team Drink Hanky
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